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Wicker & Rattan Dining Tables

Wicker and rattan furniture is perfect for outdoor dining areas as well as indoor areas with a coastal or tropical theme. True rattan furniture is well-suited for outdoor areas because it is much more resistant to weathering than most wooden and metal furniture. So whether you are looking for a new table for your Coastal-style dining room, or want to create a fun and functional outdoor living space, our wicker and rattan dining tables may be the perfect solution.

While our wicker and rattan dining tables owe themselves to coastal and tropical themes, they also exhibit features of other styles. For example, light brown rattan furniture tends to do better in areas with a more traditional or sunny atmosphere. On the other hand, darker finished wicker and rattan tables can complement Contemporary-style décor. But no matter what type of wicker or rattan table you are searching for, our offerings are all high-quality and priced lower than the competition.

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